Power, reliability and top precision on the entire working width

Working width from 12 to 36 m

AGREX proudly presents the fertilizer spreader FERTI-W with integrated weighing system.
ECS system with weighing system allows continuous calibration and precision. Spreading errors due to varying flow characteristics of the spreading material or changes in forward speed are detected immediately and corrected automatically. More respect of the environment and economic savings are the results of the extraordinary precision in spreading and the easy use of the spreader FERTI-W.

• Strong structural double frame with on-line weighing up to a load of 3800 kg. The weighing system is integrated in the fertilizer spreader frame
• The easy setting of spreading quantity and spreading width increases working comfort and security
• GPS connectivity
• All mechanical and electronic security devices comply with EU safety regulations
• Routine maintenance has been simplified and reduced to minimum

All models are equipped with: Electric actuators for flow regulation – Standard filtering grids – PTO shaft – Stainless steel spreading discs with fast release – LONG LIFE vanes for spreading 12-24 m – Fertilizer unloading pipe – Mudguards – Retroreflective tape and retro-reflectors
OPTIONALS: Tarpaulin cover with full opening – Tail lights – Parking wheels – Mobile focuser (Left/Central/Right) – Inspection ladder – Discs and LONG LIFE vanes 25-32 m / 33-36 m – Wiring and GPS antennas