Easy integration and compatibility


The FERTI-W H ISO 11783 fertilizer spreader features integrated continuous weighing system, section control and automatic adjustment of
fertilizer dose according to the requested rate application. The system adjusts the working width and the quantity of fertilizer via the GPS signal, and it reduces overlopping spreading, helping the
farmer mainly in the field with an irregular shape. Spreading errors due to varying flow characteristics are detected by the weighing system and automatically the quantity is adjusted by the gates via electric actuators to match the correct dose requested on the entire working width. FERTI-W H is ISO 11783 compatible and can manage fertilizer spreading by virtual terminal with system like AG Leader, Trimble, Topcon or via the terminal ISO 11783 installed in the tractor.

• The spreader works with variable rate, according to the map it spreads different quantity of fertilizer. Variable rate and working width are the result of a combined system that hydraulically varies the speed of discs and electronically modifies the drop point on the discs while dose regulation is adjusted by electric actuators and corrected by weight system and GPS positioning
• Working widht with 36 sections (18 on the right + 18 on the left) that interact with the field map and allow the opening and closing of the working sections due to the position in the field
•Speed of discs is controlled hydraulically for variable rate from 300 to 900 rpm
• Working setting allows to spread from 10 kg up to 1000 kg per ha (according to forward speed of the tractor / working width / kind of fertilizer)

All models are equipped with: Electric atuators for adjustment of fertilizer flow and of the drop point of fertilizer onto the disc – Hydraulic motors for discs actioning – Standard filtering grids – LONG LIFE vanes for spreading 12-24 m – Fertilizer unloading pipe – Mudguards – Retroreflective tape and retro-reflectors
OPTIONALS: Tarpaulin cover with full opening – Tail lights – Parking wheels – Inspection ladder – Discs and LONG LIFE vanes 25-32 m / 33-36 m