Double disc centrifugal fertilizer spreader Working width from 12 to 24* meters * with spreader palette set 19-24 m

AGREX presents the TMY-W fertilizer spreader with integrated weighing system.
Working width from 12 to 24 meters with disc and vane kit for spreading up to 24 metres

The ECS system with weighing system allows continuous calibration and maximum precision. Spreading errors due to variations in the flow characteristics of the sprayed material or variations in forward speed are automatically detected and corrected.

TMY fertilizer spreaders are suitable for open field distribution on medium-sized grounds. The basic model has a hopper with a capacity of 1200 litres, to which modular increases can be subsequently mounted to reach 1700 and 2200 litres. All models are equipped with standard filtering grids to block any agglomerates of fertilizer that can block the outlets and agitators that allow for uniform dosage precision and homogeneity of the spreading. The working width can be adjusted up to 24 m, with the application of the appropriate spreading vanes.

Greater respect for the environment and economic savings are the results of the extraordinary precision in the uniformity of spreading and the ease of use of the TMY-W.


  • Robust double frame made of solid construction with on-line weighing technique up to a payload capacity of 1800 kg. The weighing device is integrated into the frame of the spreader
  • The simple adjustment of the spread rate and working width increases comfort and safety during work
  • Connectivity with GPS devices
  • All mechanical and electronic safety devices comply with European standards
  • Routine maintenance has been simplified and reduced to a minimum

On all models: Electric actuators for damper position adjustment – Standard filtering grids – Cardan shaft – Stainless steel discs – LONG LIFE vane set for 12-18 m broadcasting – Dimension stickers and reflectors

OPTIONALS: Hopper cover with total opening – Rear lights – Parking wheels – Mobile border limiter (Left/Central/Right) – LONG LIFE discs and vanes 18-24 m – Wiring and GPS antenna